Leveraging Virtual Reality for Industrial Training

Wed. June 13| 1:00 PM - 1:45 PM | Booth 1677

Virtual reality (VR) has exploded over the last year, and represents one of the most deeply researched forms of media communication. The immersive environment for training results in more effective and memorable learning experiences. The problem, until recently, has been the lack of great content. The design of VR applications, and of the hardware that supports those applications are rapidly evolving, as are best practices for training applications that leverage VR. We now have many lessons to share from industry organizations that have successfully integrated VR training offerings. In this session, you will explore the current state of virtual reality in 2018. You will see a number of examples and understand how you can apply those lessons to learning and development.

Education Hub: Smart Manufacturing Education Hub


Robert Milton

Robert Milton


FS Studio

Role: Speaker